Me Made May Week 1

So, off we go! My pledge was to wear me made clothes on at least 25 days in May. Here's my first week.

Day 1. Sunday 1st May

Lady Luck dress (BHL anna) - me made
Paloma Cardigan in pale blue - Hell Bunny 
Nude ballet flats - Office 

Today was just awesome. I spent the day with my best friend, her fiancĂ© and her two nieces, doing wedding crafting, eating cake and generally having the best day. Then Liam met us all for dinner in a diner style place on high street Ken, and that was loads of fun too! Oh wow I ate so much!! I really loved wearing this dress today, although the gaping neckline did my head in a bit. This is the only fit issue though and I'm really looking forward to making another Anna dress soon so I can fix the gaping! 

I'm not 100% convinced about this dress/cardigan colour combination. I'm never usually head to toe in pastels. I much prefer at least one strong colour, but this was the best I could come up with today. If only the navy Paloma cardigan were in my collection! 

I was also relishing the fact that it's FINALLY bare legs and ballet pumps weather! Hooray! 

Day 2. Monday 2nd May

Stevie dress (B4443) - me made
Paloma cardigan in black - Hell Bunny
Heart print tights - Primark I think
Ankle boots - Office 

Ah, that's better, some lovely strong colour. I love this outfit! It's always a winner! 

I had a lovely rehearsal today with my band for our gig tomorrow night, and I had to teach a couple of baby music classes in the afternoon. I'm a bit sad I volunteered to cover this one - I would have loved to have had a fully empty bank holiday Monday, but hey, it wasn't so bad! (And worth it for the £££). 

Day 3. Tuesday 3rd May

Poet's corner dress (BHL Anna) - me made 
Paloma cardigan in black - Hell Bunny 
Belt - vintage
Leggings - Tu at Sainsburys 
Nude ballet pumps - Office 
Jinx jacket (Simplicity 2150)- me made (not pictured) 

Teaching by day, gigging by night. It sometimes just works out like that, which does make for a long and exhausting day, but it was bearable! Since I knew it was going to be a long and tiring day, I went for comfort today. This viscose dress is super comfy, and the only thing that bothers me about it is again the gaping neck. Must alter that Anna pattern! 

Day 4. Wednesday 4th May

Rock around the clock dress (B4443) - me made
Paloma cardigan in pale green - Hell Bunny 
Big hair - gig last night 

A Day Off. Glorious. I had a bit of admin to do from home, but other than that I had a very lazy day where I didn't do much other than sew. It was bliss. I did rely heavily on tea of many varieties though to perk me up! 

This may be a good time to mention that my me-made May will probably consist entirely of print dresses with Hell Bunny cardigans in various colours. I'm not going to apologise for that because, well, why would I? I like it that way. I do get that you may find it pretty boring though!!!

Day 5. Thursday 5th May

Trousers - Orla Keily for Uniqlo 
Say your prayers, ice cream top (Sorbetto) - me made
Jinx jacket (Simplicity 2150) - me made 
Brooch - a gift. Can't remember the maker/shop!
Pink pointed flats - Oasis 

Aha! Just when I had warned you it would all be dresses and cardigans, here I go throwing in a trouser outfit. Maybe I'm not quite as boring and predictable as I thought I was (pretty sure I am though). Today I was teaching for most of the day and then doing errands/voting and then sewing. Feel like a new woman after yesterday's rest day!! 

I legitimately love these trousers. They are perfection in a trouser. Liam teases me when I wear them: "you're still wearing your pyjamas, Ree!" But actually the joke's on him. I know they're like pyjamas and that's precisely why I love them! They're so comfy but still feel like I've made an effort. Hurrah. Anyway I need to pull my finger out and make myself umpteen pairs of trousers like this. If I can resist the lure of sewing dresses back to back.....

Day 6. Friday 6th May

Paloma cardigan in teal - Hell Bunny
Pink pointed flats - Oasis 

Sleeeeeepy! Stayed up way too late cutting out a new dress. A full day of teaching. Fridays are always really tiring anyway as I don't get home til 9.30pm, but today the sun helped me through! This dress is my current favourite and as always I loved wearing it! 

I hope you're all having a lovely day and enjoying the sunshine if you're getting some too! x

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