Me Made May Week 3

Aaaaand we're past the half way point! It's whizzing by!

Day 13: Sunday 15th May

Meadow dress (B4443) - me made
Pale blue Paloma cardigan - hell bunny 
Criss cross sandals - new look 

Ah what a lovely day! I was shattered in the morning, so had a really lazy start to the day: we watched DVDs in our PJs for a while and then Liam made a lovely Sunday lunch. In the afternoon we went to Richmond park and had a gorgeous walk around, said hi to the deer. Also for the first time we saw the vista of St. Paul's cathedral from King Henry's mound at Richmond park. It's over 10 miles away but it's such a clear (and protected) view. All in all, a Blissful Sunday! 

Day 14: Tuesday 17th May

Sinking Sun dress (emery) - me made
Black leggings - tu at sainsburys 
Nude ballet flats - office 
Paloma cardigan in green - hell bunny 

I woke up today with a painful crick in my neck. Not my favourite! Wearing this dress is always nice, I love how colourful it is. I went with a green cardi today but it looks great with red too. 

A full day of teaching. I've taken on more teaching work lately and I have to admit, it is really tiring me out. I'm sure once I get used to my new work load it will be fine, but I am really feeling it at the moment! I still managed to finish the dress I've been sewing in the evening, and cook us a delicious home made curry, so I still feel like I've achieved stuff today! 

Day 15: Wednesday 18th May

Paloma cardigan in teal - hell bunny
Black tights 
Black knee high boots - Aldo
Wide elastic belt - topshop aaaaages ago 

Back in tights and boots for a rainy day. I really like this outfit, actually, and for once I'm dressed for the weather!! I love this belt but it does have a tendency to pop open at inopportune moments! I had to work for a few hours this afternoon but also did a bit of blogging and cut out a new top. I'm finally sewing some separates! Can you believe it?!

Day 16: Thursday 19th May 

Navy Coco top - me made (unblogged but seen here)
Red jeans - Vera moda 
Nude ballet flats - office 

A super simple and comfy outfit for a full day's teaching and treking around London. I really need to make more cocos, especially since this one is so comfy and sewed up so quickly. This navy ponte was from A1 fabrics on Goldhawk Road and it's starting to bobble a lot now, so I think next time I will go for a pricier ponte. 

Day 17: Friday 20th May

Marion dress (emery) - me made 
Black leggings - tu
Nude ballet pumps - office
Black Paloma cardigan- hell bunny 

I'm sooooo tired today! The polka dots definitely helped me feel a bit perkier though! I love this dress so much. I really would like to make a few in different colours - a royal blue polka dot dress would be wonderful, wouldn't it? 


  1. I love that polka dot dress. I may be biased though, as I have been wearing a polka dot dress today!

  2. love the things in your wardrobe that week ;o)

    1. Ah, thank you! Me too actually! It felt like a good week, style wise. I think my favourite outfit this week was the striped dress and cardigan.