Little Black Tee (another viscose New Look 6217)

Well, I was so happy with my floral viscose New Look 6217 that I immediately made one in black, too. This black viscose has been maturing in my stash for years, and I was glad to finally cut into it. I've also got a dress planned using the rest of it. It is just so lovely and drapey! So nice to wear. I even really appreciate the colour. It's kind of a blacker-than-black black.

So, not much to say about my little black tee, but here it is: 

Paper Doll top (New Look 6217 in black viscose)

I did a few things slightly differently on this version, namely:

  • lengthened by 1". I love this length, it's perfect, so I'm glad I lengthened it.
  • sewed the sleeve hems at 5/8" as the pattern instructs, rather than the 3/8" I did last time. I think I prefer the slightly shorter sleeves.
  • stuck to the order of construction as directed in the pattern instructions. I wish I hadn't! With my last version I didn't really follow the instructions much, only for the odd thing, but with the black one I wasn't really thinking so I just blindly followed the instructions to the letter. They have you hem the sleeves first, then sew up and finish the side/underarm seam. That's weird to me! There's a lesson there I suppose: I have trusted my instincts that the hem should be left til last. 

I made a rouleau loop for the button hole again, and actually used another of those brass-look buttons from my button tin. Not because I'm boring (honest). I tried lots of different buttons but liked this the best. 

Black is notoriously difficult to photograph well - and I photographed it against our black fire place - so I'm sorry if you can't see it properly! Basics also aren't quite as exciting to blog, are they, but I can tell this is going to be a well used and well loved part of my wardrobe. It could even be dressed up and be more of a blouse. Versatile little thing.

Having a little snooze while I show the side view

Yesterday I also got round to doing some mending, including a real bargain I got a while ago. This lovely silk £61 Mimi Holliday bra was already on sale at TK Maxx, but with a broken strap. I managed to talk them down on the price because of this (I may have even used the phrase: "well, it's broken. Who else is going to buy it?" Which I still maintain is valid and true). So I got it for the princely sum of £3. It took all of 5 minutes to sew back together, and once again I'm really grateful that I can sew! Do you find that being able to sew helps you get great bargains? 

Before: the broken strap and the bargain price tag

After: mended! Not the neatest but hey, it's on the inside anyway.

Right, I'm off. I've just cut into my lovely Liberty carline, and I can't wait to sew it up. Perhaps I'll do it while I watch the Sewing Bee. To be honest that sounds like a perfect Monday night to me. 



  1. That does look like lovely viscose - this top will be a great basic. One of my friends says we should challenge each other to make a little black dress (I do have a black cotton broderie and black self stripe viscose in the stash!).

    1. I think that's a great challenge to give each other! Little black dresses are so chic and useful.

  2. Your top is lovely. Basics are definately a wardrobe necessity, and I've just ordered three different colours of viscose jersey for tops. What a great bargain and fix on the bra, and as you said, who else would buy it?! Good luck with your Carline, I'm hoping to cut into mine soon - I just need to make the pattern first!

    1. Thanks, Lynne. Ooh good luck with yours too, I'm so impressed you draft your own patterns! x

  3. Sometimes it hard to beat the simplicity of a nice fitting black top. It looks great with your skinny jeans. Casual yet put together.

    Yay for bargain bras which you can fix! I once bought an h&m skirt which was discounted due to a broken zip and I knew I could fix it. It only took me, ermm, 2 years to get around to mending it. Oops! Haha. I wore it loads once I fixed it.

    1. Thank you! Casual yet put together is exactly what I wanted, and I've already worn this loads!

      Haha! I do that too, I have something queuing up for aaaaaages for a two minute mending job! Glad you got it done though and wore it lots. Victory! x