Marion, the Polka Dot Emery

Hello! I'm so excited to show you my newest dress. I love it so much (possibly too much). 

Here's Marion:

Marion in all her glory (Christine Haynes Emery dress with pleated skirt)
Eeeee this dress brings me so much joy. You may be able to tell by my goofy grin in all these pictures! I can't help but grin - it's the polka dots!

I'm finally at the point with the Emery pattern that I can just cut out and sew up - which is such a great feeling, and is so speedy that I definitely will be making more Emerys. It's also so great to know the finished dress is going to fit well as you sew it up! I'm really chuffed with the fit on this dress actually, and I love wearing it. 

No need for any more fit fixing chat since I talked about my alterations in my previous versions of the Emery.

This time I pleated the skirt (by eye, no pleat maths this time!), avoiding pleating the central tummy area, which I think makes for a lovely, flattering shape and nice lines. I omitted the pockets, again for nice clean lines and also because I'm lazy. The pleat arrangement is my favourite pleating I have done, and it kind of makes the dress if you ask me.

I sewed this all up on a Sunday about a month ago, and watched Raiders of the Lost Ark for the very first time (I know, how have I never seen it before?!). And I bloody loved it. So my dress is named after Marion. I wanted to name it after my favourite character, but sadly the monkey appears not to have a name (or did I just miss it while I was sewing my invisible zip?). My favourite moment in the film is where Marion is running away from all the baddies, wearing those fabulous red trousers, and clearly wishing she had worn flats. Wedges ain't gonna cut it really are they? 

This fabric is by hillberg fabrics, and is lovely quality. It presses well and feels lovely to wear. I got this from B&M in Leeds aaaages ago when I was up at home and I only bought two metres - wah! I wish I had more as the lack of pattern matching down the centre back bothers me a little bit. But hey Ho. This time the waist seam matched up when I put me zip in so I'm clinging on to that little triumph. I lined the bodice with white cotton lawn, lovely and soft. 
Oh, hi, matching waist seam! (let's gloss over the un-matched pattern)
So, that's my new favourite dress. It may look a little bit Minnie Mouse, but as a good friend pointed out: "Marie, you ARE a little bit Minnie Mouse, so it's perfect." I think that's a good thing. 

Over and out!


  1. This is gorgeous! I'm a big fan of red and white polka dots, and it's it great when you get a pattern to fit so well. Polka dots for the win!

    1. Indeed! Polka dots = happy outfit. I'm capitalising on the well-fitting pattern and making another Emery today!

  2. Oh, I LOVE it! I bet you feel wonderful every time you wear it. I have a very similar (though sleeveless) dress on a Pinterest board against the day I find fabric like this - I must remember this pattern. Would it be easy enough to omit the sleeves do you think? Sleeves and the Australian summer aren't really on speaking terms...

    1. Thanks Danielle!! It's really easy to omit the sleeves! I made a sleeveless version: without any specific "sleeveless" modifications... Although Roisin at Dolly Clackett has made some modifications for a sleeveless bodice and her versions look lovely! I think next time I make a sleeveless Emery I will follow her lead and make a few armhole alterations!

  3. I can see why you love this dress, it looks great on you! and you can always count own polka dots to brighten up your day :)

    1. Thank you Coo! Yep, polka dots always make me happy! :) You can never have too many polka dot dresses! x