Hi, I'm Marie (Ree for short). I've recently got right back into sewing. I've always sewed, but now I'm finding it even more fascinating, rewarding and just down right fun than I ever have before. As I've learned more, I've grown prouder of the things I have made. I want a way to document my sewing progress, triumphs and challenges alike, and to share with other sewing fanatics. So here I am, thanks for coming along too!

Marie x

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  1. Hi Ree, I would like to nominate you to take part in a Blog Hop, if your interested. It involves answering 4 questions about your blog writing and then nominating 4 other bloggers to carry it on. I'll be posting mine in a couple of days and then you'll need to post yours a week later. Let me know if you'd like to join in and I'll give you the details. My address is bstitchup@gmail.com. Cheers, Coo (aka Betty Stitchup).