Say Your Prayers, Ice Cream (Frozen Sorbetto top)

Say Your Prayers, Ice Cream top (Colette Sorbetto)
Well, I have been meaning to make Colette's free Sorbetto top for ages, and I finally got round to it this week. There are technically a few other makes ahead of it it in the queue to be blogged but they can wait a little longer!!

As lots and lots of sewing bloggers have already documented; this is indeed a very nice,  well drafted pattern with great instructions. It's one of those basics that is so useful and adaptable!

I made this out of some lovely white cotton lawn I bought mainly for lining dresses. I bought 3m and so far it had lined 3 dress bodices and made this top, and there is loads left!

This Sorbetto was intended as a wearable muslin, but I took care over the finish and am really proud of it! My reasoning was that if it didn't end up wearable it would become my loveliest pajama top.

I made a size 10 based on my measurements and allowing a little bit of ease. It fits well but is quite short!! I turned up the skinniest hem possible. I'm planning to add 3" of length to my next version, and try the size down as there is quite a bit of room in this size.

Perhaps if it were longer it wouldn't look quite so boxy? Or perhaps it's just my shape that makes it look boxier? I'm definitely going to try the longer version, and probably wear this white one mostly tucked in to skirts or shorts. 

I am so pleased with the finish on this. Because this cotton lawn is so gloriously comfortable and soft, I French seamed the whole thing so I didn’t spoil the softness with any scratchy overlocking. It’s one of those makes which I almost want to wear inside out to show off my neat work!
French seam and bound edges

Inside out (with chalk lines still there. Oops.)

I made self-fabric bias binding, using Sarai’s continuous bias binding tutorial on Coletterie. My mind is BLOWN. This is so clever. It was a bit fiddly, being my first go at this method, but I definitely prefer it to cutting ALL THE TINY STRIPS. Now I want to make bias binding out of everything.

I sewed this top in the evenings last week, when by day I was teaching a children’s musical theatre workshop inspired by Frozen. It was good fun, and my highlight was indeed Prince Hans holding his sword aloft and shouting: “Say your prayers, ice cream!” . Yes, little one, Elsa is an ice cream. So I named my top after that little boy’s wonderful mistake.

I think I shall try a floatier Sorbetto next, to see whether it’d be less boxy. But for now, I’m really pleased with my “ice cream” Sorbetto, although I’m feeling the need to sew a pair of shorts to go with it. I know I’m running out of summer, but I’m also sewing up my honeymoon wardrobe for next summer! Exciting!

Over and out x

Jinx jacket

This was one of those makes that was almost ALMOST how I imagined it, but not quite. This is partly due to me compromising on fabric choice and on pattern choice, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised!! 

the Jinx jacket worn wrapped over, fastened with a broach that was my mum's

I needed a slightly finer jersey than this. This one's weight is good for a summer jacket, but when doubled for the front collar is too heavy to drape properly. A lighter weight jersey would definitely have draped more pleasingly.

Also I had never made this pattern before (Simplicity 2150) - it's intended for woven fabrics or even suede. My interlock jersey only had a teeny bit of stretch, so it didn't matter much. I just made up a straight size 14 based on measurements, and it does fit ok, but the sleeves are a bit wide for my liking, and this is after taking them in a good 3 inches below the elbow. 

This pattern needs some serious modification in the sleeve area to get it to fit how I want it to, which makes me think I'm better off looking for a cardigan pattern instead. 

This blog is all about documenting my triumphs and challenges alike, and to be honest this is both. I'm really pleased with the finish on this, and the stripe matching across most of the seams. It went pretty much to plan, sewing-wise, it's just that I don't think it's particularly flattering on my body shape. Actually, it doesn't look that bad in these pictures but I do think it accentuates my least favourite areas!! 

Stripe matching almost perfect
One of the biggest lessons I keep teaching myself through sewing garments like this is:

Just because you've sewn it yourself doesn't mean it is going to look amazing. 


Styles that have never suited you will still not suit you. Sorry.

Oh big sleeves! You're so big!
True true. I need to make another TNT dress to pick my spirits up!