Ree Made May 2015: Big Old Round-Up

Hello! Well, Me Made May has been fun, and as promised here is my one big round-up. I'll try to keep it brief-ish!

As you will recall my pledge was to wear Me-Made on 20 days of May. Did I do it? Yes!

1. Friday 1st May

Sinking sun dressRed hell bunny cardigan
Black tights
Lizzie's black shoes
Black handbag
Leopard print scarf
Cheap Monday sunglasses

Still feeling under the weather, but decidedly less so than I did yesterday - cause for celebration! Voice still weak and swollen :(
Teaching and working all day. I am wearing my friend Lizzie's shoes, because like actual children we accidentally went home from a party wearing each other's shoes.

2. Sunday 3rd May

All aquiver dress Red hell bunny cardigan
Navy tights
Tan T bar shoes
Leopard print scarf
Red and navy fiorelli handbag

Tonight I had a gig with my band in Surrey. I got a loverly long sleep last night and I feel better energy-wise, but very snotty and sore of voice. Happy to report that voice is still there - it will work but I've just not got the usual power! Spent the entire gig just hoping my voice would last out and I wouldn't have to cough my guts up in the middle of a number. Thankfully all worked out OK! Super late back to London but happy and feeling much more like myself again.

3. Monday 3rd May

Taking the michael skirtBlack vest top (H and M)
Cream cropped sweater (miss selfridge)

Bank holiday Monday. Knackered from late gig. Got up late, Stayed in and sewed wedding dress while watching For Me and My Gal (which was fabulous and just the ticket). Later went out for pizza to the Godfather at Crystal Palace, then ate an incredible slice of chocolate cake heaven at the Blackbird Bakery. Then we snuggled down at home to watch the movie Lucy (which we thought was great, by the way). I have to admit, I changed out of my Me Made outfit when we went out to Crystal Palace. It was comfy and practical for about the house, but I still feel a bit lumpy and frumpy in that skirt, so ultimately didn't want to wear it to go out in. It's gotta go, in that case! You win some, you lose some!

4. Tuesday 5th May

Navy Coco (unblogged)
Red jeans (Vera Moda)

Today I had two (very cute) singing classes of small people to teach, then the day was all mine. So with my outfit I went purely for comfort! This is one of my go-to super casual comfy outfits.

5. Wednesday 6th May

Marion the polka dot Emery Teal hell bunny cardigan
Black tights and shoes

Today we went wedding suit shopping! We were shopping for the whole she-bang, and we managed most of it. It wasn't nearly as easy as either of us imagined, but it was fun! Liam got a gorgeous suit, shirt, tie, pocket square, and shoes. He looked so handsome. He's going to cut a dashing figure on our wedding day!
I was doubly happy today. Not only did we have a whole day off together to shop, but I had ballet class tonight which was such a nice release. AND my new favourite cardigan arrived this morning - another Hell Bunny Paloma cardigan in teal. I just absolutely adore my red one and now I want all the colours. I'm trying to limit myself, but by the end of today I had already ordered the black one as well. It was on sale! Black goes with loads of my dresses! I don't need to justify this!! Ah-hem.... I must restrain myself with cardigan buying for the moment, but the navy one, the green one and the pale blue one are next on my list.

6. Friday 8th May

Poet's corner dressJinx jacketUniqlo leggings
Office ankle boots
Vintage belt
Red cashmere scarf (gift)

A very full work day, where extra things just kept appearing that needed doing "ASAP" (which really means NOW, doesn't it?) on top of my normal singing teaching work, and in which I didn't get even half of the things on my list done. Oh well. I do feel rather exhausted though, and there's no let-up yet!
Onto the outfit. Today I surprised myself by rather liking this combination of two "meh" items in my handmade wardrobe. The Poet's Corner dress (viscose BHL Anna) has survived various wardrobe culls because it it is so comfy, and I love the print. I don't think it's all that flattering, and it's definitely too big, but I still enjoyed wearing it today (see comfy note). It's also quite cold today, so I was faced with a jacket conundrum. I don't have a great spring jacket, so in the end I reached for my home sewn Jinx jacket, thinking I was going to hate it. I actually almost gave this jacket to the charity shop, deciding I didn't like it on me and it made me look frumpy. I'm glad I rescued it from the charity shop bag at the last minute, because today I enjoyed wearing it and was grateful for it. I like the print clash between the stripes and florals, and again, it's blooming comfy.

7. Sunday 10th May 

Lady Luck dress (BHL anna)H and M floral shoes

Today I had another gig with the Pink Champagne Sisters, and it was SUCH a nice one. We were singing at the reception for the official VE Day celebrations in St James' Park. It was lovely! Lots going on, loads of stories from the veterans, the crowd all singing along to every number. We also had a troupe of awesome swing dancers jiving to our music, which was cool. So I went with my most 40s-esque dress for my "off-duty" look: the Lady Luck dress. It was such a glorious day, it was nice to be able to have bare legs again! I also met a fellow stitcher (in the RAF I believe) who recongnised the pattern!
Well, I still love this dress but the gaping neckline does drive me slightly nuts. I need to sort that out before the next version, it just doesn't stay flat when I'm wearing it without a lot of coercion. Also my black Hell Bunny "Paloma" cardigan arrived! Woohoo! Just as lovely as its sisters in my wardrobe, and it will get worn a LOT.

8. Monday 11th May

Say your prayers, ice cream! SorbettoOrla Keily for uniqlo trousers
Teal Dorothy Perkins cardigan
No shoes! (At home all day!)

Ah, an "at home" day. Not a day off, sadly, as work continues to pile up from all my jobs!! So the morning was spent working, then a few hours of wedding dress sewing (hem levelling. Oh joy!) followed by an evening of more work. Not much more to report, except I loved wearing this outfit. It's super comfy but more styled than joggers and a tee shirt. Every time I wear my Sorbetto I promise myself I will make more. I'd love to make a couple before honeymoon, but not sure if I'll have time!!

9. Tuesday 12th May

Stevie dressBlack hell bunny cardigan

Teaching today and then sewing! Had a good day! I appear to have grown a tail in this picture...

10. Wednesday 13th May

Rock around the clock dress

An at home day spent sewing and doing admin work for two of my jobs. Halfway through my 20 me made days!

11. Sunday 17th May

The queue dressTeal hell bunny Paloma cardigan
Navy tights

Today was spent at home. Yesterday was such a long, hard and tiring day teaching that I was absolutely spent at the end of it. So today I just really needed a restful day and thankfully I got it. I spent two hours working on my wedding dress, and the rest of the day doing bits of "wedmin" . We crafted our playlists (a very important job!) and worked on the ceremony. Not long till we actually get wed!!!!!

And the outfit. I really enjoyed wearing this today! I often forget how much I like the queue dress and how much comfier my sleeveless emery dresses are (note to self: more of these please).

12. Monday 18th May

Grey matter skirtPurple tee
Black TS belt
Black hell bunny cardigan
Spotty tights
Ankle boots (office)

A getting-stuff-done kind of day. Worked most of the day from home, then worked a lot on our wedding ceremony and some other wedding things, did a food shop and hung out with my Liam. Enjoyed wearing this outfit! I always feel like this kind of shaped skirt is not very flattering on me, but when I was out and about and caught my reflection I think it changed my mind. I adore the combo of spotty tights and ankle boots. Shame I laddered those tights the second I put them on!!!

13. Tuesday 19th May

Poet's corner dressPink belt from apple tree boutique
Black leggings
Ankle boots
Black hell bunny cardigan

Today I was teaching, wedding sewing, doing admin and lots of bits and bobs. I also went for my first run in a LONG time. I really enjoyed it, and could kick myself that I've let myself lapse into laziness, since I loved running today and felt so much better for it! Keep running Ree, it makes you feel good! Bonus was that as soon as I got in from my run the heavens opened and a big thunderstorm raged (for all of five minutes). I Love a good storm. Especially when I'm all warm and dry inside. The evening was spent having long catch up phone chats with my dad, sister and friend. Always guaranteed to perk me up :)

14. Wednesday 20th May

The queue dressRed hell bunny cardigan
Navy tights
Tan T bars

An ace, fun packed day! Got my couple of hours of work done early on , then hopped on the train to my friend and bridesmaid, Sammy's, place. On the agenda today: lunch with Sammy and another of our very good friends from drama school (wahoo!), bridesmaid fabric shopping, trying on my wedding dress!, sewing time, a band meeting and then ballet class. A lot to pack in! Re: the outfit... I love the queue dress and enjoyed it very much today, but I did get caught out by a few gusts of wind.... I enjoy these shoes very much, and my outfit felt well matched today. It wasn't my favourite outfit of the day, that little crown has to go to my wedding dress. I tried it on today and I am SO pleased with it!!!!!

15. Sunday 24th May

Pale blue Dr denim skinny jeans
Say your prayers... Sorbetto Grey cardigan (not pictured)
Nude stilettos  (next)

Let's start with why I was wearing stilettos at home all day. I've just had a big clear out and wardrobe organisation, which included a shoe audit. I got rid of 5 pairs of shoes (ebay, charity shop and sadly the bin for a few very worn out pairs), keeping a very select selection, which left me with three pairs of shoes ON TRIAL. "What have they done?" Liam asked. Been uncomfortable and not worn enough was my answer. So, the shoes that are on trial have to prove themselves! The nude pair, I suspect, may just need wearing in properly (the first and only time I've worn them was when they were brand new and I was just so excited I wanted to wear them right away) so I'm giving it a go.
Day one of their trial went in their favour but we'll see.

Oh yes and today I wore my Sorbetto again. It's very comfy and easy to wear. It bugs me how short it is though. Must make another version refining the fit and shape for my preferences.

16. Monday 25th May

Flowers for jane dressNew look criss  cross sandals

Today I sewed the hem of my wedding dress (woohoo!) while watching Clueless, which renders it officially finished!!!! I am wearing in these new look sandals for my honeymoon. Don't want any blisters!

I also ate jacket potatoes, tidied and cleaned and also reluctantly did a little bit of work. A good day. I like this dress.

17. Tuesday 26th May

Red jeans
Blue coco (unblogged)

Uh oh, no photo today!!!! I didn't really want to wear this outfit today, but I needed something practical as I was helping my dad get a kiln out of a school (and down 2 flights of stairs). It took 5 men, some Roman style use of planks and rollers and little me positioning the boards and being of no muscle use at all. It was nice to see dad though.

18. Wednesday 27th May

Rock around the clock dressBlack hell hubby cardigan
Nude ballet flats

Today was a running errands type of day, and I managed to get a lot done. Then ballet class in the evening which is always fun!

19. Thursday 28th May

Say your prayers, ice cream! SorbettoOrla Keily trousers
Teal cardi
Fuschia oasis pointed flats

I like this outfit, so I'm wearing it again!! Today I had rehearsals in the morning for my band's gig on Monday, I got my hair cut and shopped for Liam's wedding present. Then I went round to my mate Sammy's flat to help her give some silk a gelatine bath (the silk she is using to make her bridesmaid dress with), then I hurried home to do some admin work and then late into the night do some wedding gift sewing. A busy day! No proper photo so I have included this one of my amazement that the hairdresser managed to get some volume into my hair. Thanks, Ola!

20. Friday 29th May

Sinking sun dressBlack tights
Black hell bunny cardigan
Black ankle boots

Work work work all day. This morning I had to edit lots of backing tracks for the kids I teach, plus edit and print a hefty stack of scripts, then head out to teach said children. I get home at 9.30 pm on a Friday so am always a bit frazzled! No photo again today! Bad blogger!!!

21. Sunday 31st May

Lady Luck dress

Yes, I did one day extra, cause I'm cocky like that.

Also, look which shoes I'm wearing in today... THE BEST ONES EVER. I ordered them immediately after seeing Forever Amber's polka dot ones.

So, Me Made May is at an end. Did I learn anything? Just that I really, really want to get back to sewing everyday things (my wedding dress is AWESOME but has been a huge time-sap). From next month it'll be new clothes-a-pleaty for me! I've got a to-sew list as long as my arm and I can't wait to get going on it.

Thanks for reading (and for not falling asleep). xx