Scrap Happy: Bluegingerdoll headscarves

Ree-Sewn: Blue polka dot headscarf
Ree-Sewn: Red floral headscarf

This was the fastest make ever. I made one headscarf up in this pretty blue polka dot remnant, and one in this floral print fabric left over from a duvet cover. That double duvet has also made:
The Rome dress (pre-blog)
Holiday beach bag
An apron for my Aunty Sandra's birthday three or four years ago

And there's still more left. I love this print.

The pattern is bluegingerdoll's free headscarf pattern. It's great and as I said, SO QUICK. I actually made these scarves aaaaages ago but just hadn't got around to photographing them on my head yet - oops! I'm enjoying them in this hot weather!

The blue one I made first, and it is a little bit short, so I can only tie one knot in it. Luckily it feels pretty secure. Unless I whip my head around a lot, which I will endeavour not to do, it stays put quite happily.

I don't know why I didn't think to measure my head first. I do have quite a large head. Memories come flooding back of a dance show when I was a kid. The tears because there were no hats that would fit my head. Miss Wilkinson saying quite matter-of-factly, "It must fit you. This is the same size the eighteen year olds are wearing." Painful. I can't remember what we did about the hat actually. Perhaps we jammed it on, perhaps it perched on top. Perhaps we cut it at the back. I don't know. The point is, I've always had a larger than average head and I still don't think to measure it before making a headscarf. Ha! 

Anyway I added a bit of length to my second attempt, and it's great and all, but I still can't double knot this lovely floral number. It's the curse of the big head (and the larger curse of not learning from my mistake and actually measuring). 

If you want a lightning fast project, get yourself this pattern and away you go. If you too are blessed with a big head, do measure first!

These little loves are a great way of hiding slightly greasy hair, or making a jeans and t shirt outfit look "done". 

I love this as a scrap using project, too. I'm trying to think of more ways to use up my scraps. What do you do with yours? 
Over and out!