Jinx jacket

This was one of those makes that was almost ALMOST how I imagined it, but not quite. This is partly due to me compromising on fabric choice and on pattern choice, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised!! 

the Jinx jacket worn wrapped over, fastened with a broach that was my mum's

I needed a slightly finer jersey than this. This one's weight is good for a summer jacket, but when doubled for the front collar is too heavy to drape properly. A lighter weight jersey would definitely have draped more pleasingly.

Also I had never made this pattern before (Simplicity 2150) - it's intended for woven fabrics or even suede. My interlock jersey only had a teeny bit of stretch, so it didn't matter much. I just made up a straight size 14 based on measurements, and it does fit ok, but the sleeves are a bit wide for my liking, and this is after taking them in a good 3 inches below the elbow. 

This pattern needs some serious modification in the sleeve area to get it to fit how I want it to, which makes me think I'm better off looking for a cardigan pattern instead. 

This blog is all about documenting my triumphs and challenges alike, and to be honest this is both. I'm really pleased with the finish on this, and the stripe matching across most of the seams. It went pretty much to plan, sewing-wise, it's just that I don't think it's particularly flattering on my body shape. Actually, it doesn't look that bad in these pictures but I do think it accentuates my least favourite areas!! 

Stripe matching almost perfect
One of the biggest lessons I keep teaching myself through sewing garments like this is:

Just because you've sewn it yourself doesn't mean it is going to look amazing. 


Styles that have never suited you will still not suit you. Sorry.

Oh big sleeves! You're so big!
True true. I need to make another TNT dress to pick my spirits up! 


  1. I think it looks nice on you, and the stripe matching is great.