Me Made May Week 2

A bit late with this round up - had an issue with blogger and uploading photos. It seems like lots of people had the same problem! Thanks Blogger for fixing it! Anyway, my second week of Me Made May went like this...

Day 7. Sunday 8th May

Playclothes dress (Flora/Emery hybrid) - me made
Criss cross sandals - New Look
Tan bag - vintage
Sunglasses - Cheap Monday

Wow, what a scorcher!!!! It was SO hot today, and it was my day off, so I threw on my Playclothes dress and headed to the park to laze in the sunshine, eat ice cream and read my book. LOVELY. Then I came home, blogged and did some more sewing. The actual perfect day off except that Liam was at work :( 

Day 8. Tuesday 10th May

Flibertygibbet dress (lady skater) - me made 
Wide belt - Topshop
Black leggings - tu at sainsburys 
Pink pointed flat shoes - oasis 

Incorrect footwear choice!!! I failed to notice it was raining when I chose these shoes, then accidentally waded through a big puddle on the dash to the station, which of course prompted me to worry about getting trench foot. I had a whole day of teaching, which was fine but the kids were all absolutely wired (no outside playtime because of rain = highly strung kiddies!). I was so glad to be able to take these shoes off at the end of the day. 

Day 9. Wednesday 11th May

All aquiver dress (Emery) - me made
Belt - vintage 
Nude ballet pumps - office 

Today I went for a run first thing, did some admin work over breakfast and then tackled the big Spring clean of the flat. Ah, it's nice to have everything super clean and tidy! I also did a bit of singing today, a bit of online shopping and a few errands. A pottering day, I'd call it, and a grand one at that. It's pretty warm again today, so I threw on my all aquiver dress. Not sure if it's a bit short to wear with bear legs! Ah well. 

Day 10. Thursday 12th May

Say your prayers, ice cream top (sorbetto) - me made 
Denim shorts - House of Fraser 

Confession: I didn't wear this for work but got changed as soon as I got home. Another very warm day! 

Day 11: Friday 13th May

The queue dress (emery) - me made
Paloma cardigan in red - hell bunny 
Navy leggings - H&M 
Nude ballet pumps - office 

Tired but happy today! Teaching all day with a bit of admin and Eurovision costume-making in my lunch break! I am Switzerland, can you guess what my costume's going to be? 

Anyway I always enjoy wearing the queue dress, it's really comfy, possibly since it has a bit more give in the bodice, being unlined, and also because its sleeveless. The Eiffel Tower print doesn't hurt, either! 

Day 12: Saturday 14th May Eurovision costume!

Yes, it had a foil corkscrew headpiece.

Marion dress (emery) - me made
Swiss Army knife costume - me made (obvs - copious use of tin foil)
Red Paloma cardigan - hell bunny 
Black tights
Black ankle boots - office 

I'm a Swiss Army knife! Turns out Switzerland had got knocked out in an earlier round, so I didn't get to cheer them on dressed as a Swiss Army knife, but we had a great time. Lots of food, drinks and good company! 

Well, that was a good week! I don't feel like I'm being particularly inventive with my outfit choices (well, except for the Swiss Army knife) - perhaps I'll step it up in week 3.



  1. AMAZING Eurovision costume! So glad you stuck to me made for it :) and of course you look fab on all the other days too - still living your playclothes dress so much! Xx

  2. Some great garments in there - the eurovision outfit gave me a chuckle ;o)

    1. Hehe I'm glad it made you chuckle! x

  3. ahahahaha, swiss army knife, genius!

    I also absolutely love your yellow, floral dress. So pretty and summery.

    1. Ah thanks Jo! I love it too :) x