Me Made May Week 4

Day 18: Sunday 22nd May

Stern and tragical dress (S2444) - me made
Headscarf (bluegingerdoll's free pattern) - me made
Pink belt - vintage
Black Paloma cardigan - hell bunny 
Nude ballet pumps - office 

Headscarf completely necessary due to messy hair. My day off! What better outfit for a day's sewing than a tape measure dress? 

Day 19: Monday 23rd May

Ophelia top (New Look K6217) - me made
Jeans - H&M
Black vest top - H&M
Cardigan - Calvin Klein via TK Maxx
Nude ballet pumps - office 
Sunglasses - cheap Monday 

I made this top yesterday afternoon and couldn't wait to wear it! It didn't disappoint - it is lovely! so light and drapey and easy to wear but still looks like I've made an effort. Plus it's so cool and breathable! It gave me joy. How wonderful that something so simple as a new me made t shirt can make me so happy and make my day better for wearing it! 

Day 20: Wednesday 25th May

Jinx jacket - me made
T shirt - attacked by me with a sharpie 
Optional Lightbulb headpiece - me made
Grey cardigan - Calvin Klein via TK Maxx
Jeans - H&M
Pumps - TK Maxx 

May seems to have been the month for fancy dress! Today is my friend Kirsty's birthday do - and she decided she wants to walk the monopoly board! I was well up for it but also couldn't figure out how it would work! It's a long way!! So I wanted a fancy dress outfit that would be comfy to walk all day in. This was the best I could come up with! I was a bit disappointed in myself that I hadn't prepped earlier, when I found out you can buy Monopoly money print fabric! I could have made a money dress!! Ah well, I wasn't organised enough for that. So I plumped for the electric company square. It was a lot of fun but so exhausting! We walked 26km!

The Fitbit don't lie

Day 21: Thursday 26th May

Poet's corner dress (BHL Anna) - me made
Belt - vintage
Black leggings - tu
Black Paloma cardigan - hell bunny
Nude ballet pumps - office 

Achy legs day! Teaching/admin/errands day today, and this outfit again because I like it and it's easy to wear. I just needed comfort and practicality today! 

Day 22: Saturday 28th May

Magpie feather dress (Flora / Emery hybrid) - me made
Navy tights - Dorothy Perkins
Pink shoes - oasis
Green Paloma cardigan - hell bunny 
Green tweed handbag - vintage, from oxfam. The label says JR handbags.

This was just such a lovely day! A rare Saturday off for me, which meant I could do parkrun first thing, which, while painful and hard, was really fun and I felt great afterwards. Then Liam and I went to Hampton Court Palace for the day, which was just glorious. The sun came out, we looked around the whole palace and gardens, tackled the maze, had a picnic on the lawn and generally had a grand old time. 

Onto the outfit! This dress is my current favourite. There's simply nothing wrong with it and as usual I really enjoyed wearing it. Plus this bag is such a beauty! I picked it up in a charity shop years ago for about £3! A steal! 

Only one more instalment of Me Made May outfit posts to go! Right now I'm enjoying a lovely lazy Sunday, and I'm planning to cut into some absolutely beautiful fabric today. Happy Ree. x

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