Me-Made May Week 4

Hello! Wow, May is flying by, isn't it? I can't believe I haven't blogged any makes yet this month. I will soon! May has been a crazy month, with my dad ill and me ill. I'm much MUCH better now, and dad is getting there, so things are looking up. Plus I've been pretty busy with a variety of work stuff, so I don't seem to have much time, energy or motivation to sew!

I have, however, been planning and researching a very exciting project - my wedding dress!! Our wedding is just over a year away, and is going to be a small, intimate, home-made and completely wonderful affair. I'm excited to make my dress, but also slightly nervous. I've just discovered that I have VERY expensive taste in lace. Sigh.

Back to this week's round-up!

Sunday 25th May

Dress: me-made, the Stevie dress
Shoes: my fluffy slippers!

Today was an R&R day. And it was blooming marvellous. Me and the cat hung out, I did a bit of casual crafting, sang a bit, read my book and lazed around. 'Twas glorious.

Monday 26th May

Skirt: me-made, the Grey Matter skirt
Top: Orla Kiely for Uniqlo
Belt: vintage
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: black Topshop suede flats

Ah, Bank Holiday Monday. I loved this day, and I loved this outfit. The top is a bird print:

It was pretty chilly today, hence the wool skirt. I thought I'd put this away for the summer, but was glad to be able to wear it. I have concluded I need to make more separates, so I can mix and match a bit more.

Tuesday 27th May

Head-scarf: me-made from Bluegingerdoll pattern (yet to be blogged)
Cardigan: pale blue with white pattern, Dorothy Perkins
Jeans: red skinny jeans, Oliver Bonas

Oops. Today is kind of a fail on two counts. This is the extent of outfit shot I got today. Also, I wasn't going to count a headscarf as my one me-made item of the day. But I have to because I've run out of days this week in which to wear my self-stipulated four items a week. Oh dear Ree.

I am going to blog these Bluegingerdoll headscarves soon - I have made a couple out of scraps. You may recognise this as the fabric from my Flowers for Jane dress.

Wednesday 28th May

Dress: me-made, the Rock Around the Clock dress
Cardigan: black 3/4 length sleeves, Zara
Leggings: Topshop

Big hair day for no apparent reason! My hair is so fine, I feel it needs a little round of applause when it manages to have some volume. Well done, hair. And here's my favourite dress again! Once again it felt great to wear it. We did get some surprise rain, and my feet got soaked. Luckily I was rehearsing a show so when I got to work was changing my shoes anyway! I was so glad to get my soggy pumps off. Wet feet all day is one thing that is sure to put me in a major grump.

Another week gone! Only a few more days of May left. I really, truly wanted to finish and wear my newest dress in time for the end of May, but it ain't gonna happen now. One of the reasons I am putting off finishing the dress is that it for some reason is too small in the bust, despite having previously made a toile. I really want to get it actually finished so I can show you though.

Over and out!


  1. Well done on completing Me Made May. I love the idea of doing this but I realise I don't have enough practical everyday me-makes to be able to make such a commitment. Obviously a big gap in my sewing wardrobe - maybe next year. Sorry to hear you and your Dad have been ill, I hope things are improving. Very exciting that you're planning to make your own wedding dress - expensive lace sound gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Betty! To be honest I didn't really have enough me-made items, plus I thought I would have made a few more items in May (which I haven't!). I'm so glad I did Me Made May though. I would definitely recommend it for next year! Dad & me are much better - thank you! Although Dad's is more of a long term thing. Fingers crossed during tests coming up. And wedding dress excitement is definitely high. I now know what I would like to make, it's just the actual practicalities of it now....