Me-Made May Week 3

This week I have had lots of "repeats". I don't want that to sound negative, because it's not. I think it's a good thing. Wardrobe repeats seeming to be a bad thing are a mild version of the irritation I feel when magazines talk of celebrities "recycling outfits". Wearing a dress more than once is not recycling, it's wearing your clothes normally!

Where was I? Ah, week three.

Friday 16th May

Dress: me-made, the Flowers for Jane dress
Shoes: blue denim peep toe flats, a market stall!
Belt: vintage ('twas my Nanna's)

Today was HOT. Such a glorious day. I went for a walk in the sunshine, ran errands, worked from home and then taught in the evening. All the while smiling at the sun.

Sunday 18th May

Dress: me-made, The Lady Luck dress
Belt: vintage (again, 'twas Nanna's. She had good taste in belts, my Nanna)
Shoes: blue denim peep toe flats, a market stall
Shades: Topshop

Another beautiful day. I was at an audition workshop today so needed something appropriate and not too hot. Later on Liam & I went to look at a potential wedding reception venue. Exciting times! In other news I really like the vintage pink belt I put with my Lady Luck dress. Pity I snapped that belt later that evening. Belt-grief is setting in. 

Monday 19th May

Shoes: black suede flats, Topshop

My dad has been really poorly, so I went up to Leeds to visit for a few days. I just threw a few things in a bag, so I ended up wearing the Rock Around the Clock dress again today. Every time I wear it I'm reminded how much I love it. 

Tuesday 20th May

Dress: me-made, the Flowers for Jane dress
Shoes: black suede flats, Topshop
Tights: good old opaques, Boots

Different back drop! Enjoying this dress again today. 

I felt good in my me-mades this week! I did think I would have finished at least 2 new garments in May by now, but everything has been so nuts with all my jobs being busy (happily so), dad being poorly and wedding planning, I have only done a little bit of sewing. I have got something very nearly finished that I can show you soon!

Over and out!


  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your comment on re-wearing your clothes! It's totally normal. I've tried to style the repeats a bit differently, so that the outfits aren't identical, but again, I think that's a pretty normal way of wearing your clothes.

    I'm sorry to hear your Dad is unwell. Hope he feels better soon.

    1. Thank you, Dad is doing OK, and keeping cheerful which is good. I agree, it's great to find new ways to style outfits!

  2. Love your green spotty Anna...anotehr version to add to my list :)

    1. Thanks Zoe! I must admit I love my green spotty Anna... I've got more versions planned too!!