Me-Made May Week 2

Wow, two weeks gone already!

Again I managed to wear my pledged four me-mades in the week, although I don't think the outfits were as successful or stylish as last week's. One of this week's lessons has been: dress for the flipping weather, Marie! 

Friday 9th

Blouse: me-made (unblogged) from vintage skirt
Trousers: Joy
Cardigan: Topshop

This blouse is oooooold. By which I mean I made it ages ago, but actually the fabric is also old, as I made this from a skirt of my Nanna's. It was a midi length button fronted skirt - nice in theory but looked frumpy as heck on me. I liked the fabric though, so made it into a blouse. I quite like the interesting collar I put on it, although I do like to call myself the polka dot vicar when I'm wearing it.

There are major sewing errors in this blouse! I have no idea why I didn't fix the awful stitching on the photo bottom right, but I didn't. For some reason I still sort of love the blouse, despite it's faults.

These trousers, however, I do not love. I seriously need to get into sewing trousers. These ones are just ill fitting and worse for wear. I do love the colour though.

Today I had one of those crazy days where I went from job to job all day and into the night, constantly changing "hats". I wish I had actual hats to change, that would make it much more fun!

Sunday 11th

Dress: me-made, the Queue dress
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Jumper: Joy

I'm STILL trying to shake a stupid cold and cough. I really, really wanted to wear my Queue dress though, so I put it on with tights and a not-too-well coordinated jumper. Note to self: I need more cropped jumpers and cardigans to go with waisted dresses. I actually prefer this dress with opaque tights (it's so short!). I felt a little shoddily styled today, but actually didn't care. The fine people in Tesco didn't seem to mind either, although the walk there was WINDY. Short, full skirts and sudden gusts of wind = hilarity for all. 

Monday 12th

Dress: me-made, The Ancient Mariner dress
Leggings: H&M

Well, I'm sad to say today's outfit, The Ancient Mariner dress, was not a success. I felt uncomfortable and self conscious all day. The truth is I just don't like this dress. I like the idea of it, and it should work, but for me it just doesn't. To be fair this is mostly a fit issue. It's waaaay too big, but I've already shrunk it down in the wash, and because of the shrinking the waistline is way too high up above my actual waist. And it's still baggy. 

I included all the pics I snapped this morning purely because you can see how grumpy it makes me! Crack a smile, Ree! 

This dress has since gone in the bin. No use wasting previous wardrobe space with a dud!

Tuesday 13th

Dress: me-made, the Stevie dress
Shirt: TK Maxx
Leggings: Uniqlo

A day of teaching, writing a kid's show, doing admin and flyering. Busy. (Fun fact, every time I type flyering my phone changes it to either flying or flirting. Sadly I did neither). 

I love this dress. This is one that really does fit well and makes me feel great when I wear it. This has already been worn lots and lots since I made it.

Well, that's it! You can tell it was a busy week, I look pretty tired in all these pictures. I have a feeling the real challenge is going to start now. I am running out of me-mades, so there'll be some repeats soon. I am hoping to finish my latest dress today, so it'll be nice if I can add that to my handmade wardrobe.

I hope you're all still enjoying Me-Made May!

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