Me-Made May Week 1

Yes, I've decided to do my weekly updates on a Wednesday. We have, after all, now had one week of May. I pledged to wear me-mades 4 days a week in May, so here is my first week's effort.

Thursday 1st May 

Top: me-made (pre-blog)
Skirt: refashioned vintage 
Leggings: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop black suede flats
Sleepy face: tube strike 

I love this little outfit. Today I was teaching very very small children and babies, running a music class for mums and their little ones. It is so much fun. The early morning, however, was not very fun. Especially after 3 days of tube strike travel. Thankfully the strike is not on this morning or I would have had to leave even earlier! 

Back to the outfit. When I'm teaching the babies there is a lot of sitting cross legged, and crawling around on the floor. So I pretty much always wear a skirt or dress with leggings on a Thursday. This skirt was my Nanna's and was long. I just chopped a load off the hem and re-hemmed it. The top I made over a year ago from the pattern in the GBSB book and I've worn it a lot. This was pre-overlocker, and the pinked seams are sadly starting to fall apart. There's also a little hole preventing me from wearing this untucked. My sewing and fitting skills have got much better since I made this, so I want to sew another of these to replace this top when I get chance. 

In the evening I went to see the place Liam and I are getting married in! Very exciting. 

Saturday 3rd May

Shoes: Topshop black suede flats 
Cropped jersey cardigan: New Look
Sunglasses: Topshop

I have worn this outfit a lot. I really need some more daytime flats in fun accent colours. I'd have liked to have worn some fun flats with this dress today. It was a beautiful day!! 

I had a morning of more teaching singing, a lovely lunch with my best friend, and a gig with my band - the Pink Champagne Sisters - in the evening. The gig was a Blitz party and was loads of fun. The guests at the event had all made loads of effort and dressed up in forties attire. There were some great outfits and hats!

Sunday 4th May

Dress: me-made, the Flamin' Go! dress
Shoes: Melissa heart shoes

What an awesome day. Today was the wedding ceremony and party of two of our dearest friends. They asked me to conduct the ceremony in the groom's parents' lovely garden (having already done the legal bit earlier in the week) and it was amazing. I wore the Flamin' Go! dress, and my new Melissa heels. I found these by chance in TK Maxx for £30. BARGAIN. I was, however, the only person there who hadn't heeded the "you might want to wear flats, there are a lot of mole holes" memo. But I was fine and didn't really have any trouble with the mole holes!! The dress got a lot of love. It was so amazing and emotional to do the ceremony for our dear friends. I'm so, so happy for them. 

Monday 5th May

Dress: me made, the Lady Luck dress
Cardigan: TK Maxx 
Shoes: those Topshop black suede flats again

The more I wear this dress, the more versions of the Anna pattern I want to make. It's just such a great shape for me, I must make more. 

It's getting to be nice enough weather to go bare legged, and I'm excited about this fact! That's partly why I love dresses so much. You put your dress on, slip some shoes on, and you're done. Instant outfit. 

We had stayed in a local B & B after the wedding last night. We were almost going to camp, but in the end were so glad we had a bed to climb into. It was pretty cold for camping by the evening! I felt a little bit delicate after the previous day's indulgences, but a bit of breakfast and copious amounts of tea sorted me out. 

We then headed back on the drive home for a Bank Holiday style (lazy) Monday. A glorious day. 

Well, week one was pretty easy and very successful I would say! Bring on week 2!


  1. Some really lovely makes here! I just love your Anna dress. I'm envying you the summer dresses - those are the me-mades I have most of but the weather here is decidedly unaccommodating... :(

  2. I agree, Anna is a winner. When I wore this it reminded me how much I love the shape of the dress. And sadly our sunshine has departed too this week! No! Summer dresses are always more fun to make. x