Final Me-Made May Post & Round-up

Thursday 29th May

Dress: me-made, the Queue dress
Leggings: H&M
Belt: vintage
Cardigan: TK Maxx

The last me-made outfit of May. I enjoyed wearing this and got lots of compliments on the fit. Hooray!

I'm so glad I took part in Me-Made May. Despite having a very small handmade wardrobe (for the moment), it really gave me an insight into which of my me-made clothes work best, and what I need more of. Here are my reflections.

Best in Show

The most worn, and in fact my favourite me-made garment to date was (fanfare):
The Rock Around the Clock dress! I wore it three times, and loved wearing it. 

Worst in Show

The now-binned Ancient Mariner dress was brutally culled from my wardrobe, and I'd like to thank Me-Made May for making me so ruthless. Since I made it I have worn it simply because I made it, and although I like elements of it, I always feel horrible in it. So it has gone! 

Selfie Reflections

I think I'm in the minority here but I really didn't mind taking a picture of my outfit on my four me-made days a week. It made me style outfits more consciously, because somehow looking at a picture of your reflection is different to just looking at your reflection. I don't know why, it's odd, but for me it definitely helped.

What to Make Now?

I made sure that on my non me-made days I took note of what I wore. The RTW items that I would really like to replace in my wardrobe are:
- jersey skater dress 
- jersey cardigans of lots of varieties
- leggings
- stretch cotton summery cut-off pants in a fun print

One of my favourite outfits in terms of styling was this one right at the beginning of May:

I love this blouse, and really have been meaning to make more. This one is not much longer for this world! I can only wear it tucked in to high waisted skirts because there is a big hole in one of the seams! It was pre-overlocker and my seam allowance finishing wasn't up to the amount of love, wearing and washing this top has had. I need to make more of these.

This outfit leads me on to one of my other goals: make more separates. They're very practical and somehow more casual than dresses. I love being able to mix and match so I hope to be whipping up some separates in the near future!

And finally...

It seems I really like polka dots. More polka dot stuff coming soon!

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