Top 5 of 2014: Reflections and Goals

Now for my favourite bit, reflections and goals.

My Top Six Reflections

I tried to pick five, but I couldn't whittle it down I'm afraid. 

  • I love my ambitiousness. 
  • Having this blog and reading other blogs is brilliant and has DEFINITELY been the biggest contributing factor to my improvements in sewing.
  • I've got so much better at achieving good fit and finish!
  • I'm not that speedy, but that's OK!
  • Having more than one project on the go at once stresses me out.
  • Sewing has made me buy less Ready To Wear. In fact, I can probably count on both hands the RTW items I've bought this year. WOW. This wasn't even a conscious RTW "fast" or anything, but it's definitely down to my sewing.

My Top Five Goals for 2015

  • Restrict the lists! I do sometimes overplan. I have To Sew lists which would stretch me into next year, and that is not really going to do me any good, is it?
  • Make an awesome wedding dress!
  • Sew some knits.
  • Make a big quilt for our home.
  • Use my stash. To be honest I don't have a very large fabric stash (each piece has a plan and there aren't even that many pieces). I do have lots of patterns I haven't sewed from yet, so I'm planning to use those before buying new patterns if I can at all help it. Also I seem to have this inability to get rid of scraps, off-cuts and clothes ejected from my wardrobe. I need to use some of this stuff up! 
I thought I'd end with a look at my sewing year in numbers.

I'm pretty pleased with that! In conclusion, 2014 has been a great year, a formative year in my sewing journey, and the year I started this little blog. I feel proud of what I've achieved in my sewing this year, and so excited for 2015. 


  1. What a great way to evaluate the year! You've done so well, and I think your reflections are really positive and constructive. And I completely sympathise with the 'overplanning'... All the very best for 2015 - especially the wedding dress; I'm looking forward to seeing what you create!

    1. Thanks, Danielle! I love to reflect and make goals for myself, but get stuck in the planning phase too often or for too long. At least we can identify these things and be aware of them! Good luck 2015 too xx