Christmas Gift Sewing: A Baby Dress and Other Things

Hello all! I can't wait to show you my latest completed projects! *fanfare*

Mylah's dress (pattern from GBSB's Sew Your Own Wardrobe)
I've really missed blogging this month. The odd thing is I've been busier making things than ever before, but I just haven't been able to share any of it with you (yet). There's Project Wedding Dress, of course, and although I'm doing alright with progress, I'm a bit behind on my self imposed schedule. Trying to be cool about it! I'm also making some presents for my two bridesmaids to thank them for all their help, and I'm helping them make their dresses. Then, of course, there are Christmas gifts! I LOVE making Christmas presents, and always have loads of ideas of gifts to make for friends and family. With everything else I've taken on at the moment though, I tried not to take on too much more.

So, here are a few of the pressies I have finished. This is the sweet little dress I made for our baby niece, Mylah. Construction-wise, all was pretty straight forward, and I had a lot of fun making this. The materials were all stuff I already had, so this was zero-spend! Woohoo!

There's not much to explain about this one, except that
1. I could've ironed it before taking these pictures (sorry)
2. I sewed the button holes horizontally instead of vertically. I only realised as I was sewing the last one. "Noooooo!" I cried. Then, "Oh wait, she's a baby, she's probably not going to mind."

Pattern: Baby dress (9-12 months) from Great Bristish Sewing Bee "Sew Your Own Wardrobe" book
Fabric: from the stash! I love how little fabric it took to make this!
Buttons: from the stash
Notions: self-made bias binding (using this continuous bias tape tutorial on the Coletterie)

I'm calling this one a success. My top-stitching is probably not the neatest ever but this was a good project to try and fix that! It's pretty neat for me so I'm pleased with my top-stitching progress!! Unfortunately Mylah lives 200 miles away, so there are just flat garment pictures to show you.

Also, another Scrap Happy make in these little Oyster card wallets. I've sewn a few of these as presents and one for myself, but this is my latest (and most favourite). I made a little template from an existing Oyster card holder, then interfaced all the pieces before stitching it all together. Such a great scrappy project. (And again, top stitching is getting much neater).

My other BIG Chistmas project has been my first ever quilt, for my nephew Harlo. It's not done yet, but it's almost there and is looking pretty good! I'm looking forward to revealing all my hard work on it soon.

I'm feeling decidedly festive and am having huge urges to make Christmas party dresses. Alas, I may not have time, we'll see!

Over and out x


  1. Such lovely and thoughtful gifts! I've scaled back my gift-making this year (it's been a stressful few months and the thought of it was becoming burdensome rather than a joy...) but I'm hoping to make a little cloth doll for my niece. Here's hoping it turns out as nicely as your gifts!

    1. I'm sure it will turn out wonderfully. I do like sewing kid's things as they're so much quicker and take hardly any fabric! But you're so right, it's easy to get carried away with trying to see too many things. Good luck with you're niece's doll! X

  2. Ooo! The wee dress is so cute! I love the collar and the heart pockets. Good luck with your sewing list!

    1. Ah thanks, Lynne, they're my favourite bits too, and what drew me to the pattern! Xx