Top 5 of 2014: Hits and Misses

As the year comes to an end and we all get reflective and start to set goals for the year to come, I thought I'd join in with the "Top 5 of 2014" series hosted by Gillian at Crafting A Rainbow. I enjoyed reading lots of these posts last year, when this blog was still a twinkle in my eye, and it looks like a good way to take stock and get ready for a fresh start in 2015. 

My Top Five Hits:

Harlo's Quilt

Harlo's quilt
Well, I'm just so proud of it. My first attempt at quilting, and an unbridled success. This was a long project, out of my usual comfort zone and one of my rare bits of unselfish sewing. It turns out unselfish sewing can be just as fun as the selfish kind! I flipping love the finished quilt.

The Lady Luck Dress (By Hand London's Anna)

The Lady Luck Dress 
This is the first dress I'd properly spent time over fitting. I made various Swedish tracing paper toiled, and lots of adjustments. I took my time and fussed over the fit. I still love this dress just as much as when I first made it!

2 x Butterick B4443s (the Rock Around the Clock dress and the Stevie dress)

The Rock Around the Clock dress
The Stevie dress

The shape and fit of the B4443 just suits me down to the ground. These two dresses have been worn A LOT, and every time I wear them I feel super comfy and "me-like" in them. Must make more! 

3 x Emery dresses (Flowers for Jane, Marion and The Sinking Sun dresses)

The Flowers for Jane dress

The Marion dress

The Sinking Sun dress
I adore these three Emery dresses, and they have been worn and loved loads. I always feel nice wearing them. I love the shape, the fit I've achieved and the fabrics I made these three out of. There will definitely be more Emery dresses!

Liam's PJs

Liam's PJs
Another unselfish one! These have been worn and washed loads, and they are still looking great. Best of all, they're loved by Liam, which makes me happy!

My Top Five Misses:

Taking the Michael Skirt

Taking the Michael skirt
Well, this was doomed from the start. Should've made a Miette! It's not all THAT bad of course, but the fact is that this is not a great shape on me, the wrap doesn't wrap over quite enough and it was a poor fabric choice on my part. 

The Jinx Jacket

The Jinx jacket
Again, the trinity of wrong shape, wrong pattern and wrong fabric. I'll chalk this one up to experience and throw this in the bin (read: 'to refashion' pile).

The Late Dress

The Late Dress
Well, clearly I love the Emery so the pattern is not the issue here. I over adjusted this dress resulting in bad fit. It was just flipping uncomfortable. I have more of this fabric, so I COULD whip up a new bodice and reattach the existing skirt, but to be honest the fabric is not great quality anyway so I don't think I will in the end.

The Ancient Mariner Dress

Why I hate the Ancient Mariner dress
A not-very-successful frankenpattern. The skirt shape isn't really suited to the Anna bodice. The main nail in this one's coffin though was the AWFUL fit. I just felt rubbish every time I wore it, so this one got chopped up for parts a long time ago. Side note: I'm not all that sure whether I like the V-neck Anna bodice. I'll definitely make more of the high neckline version but just not sure whether the V-neck is doing it for me.

The Sherlock Skirt

The Sherlock Skirt
Ah, my first blogged make. I do like it but alas the fabric is just too thick really for this style. Plus the waistband has stretched a bit. I do have a fondness for this though, I'm not sure I can throw it out just yet.

Well,  there we have it. It's really nice actually to sit and think about what has worked and what hasn't (and of course, why). I'll be back soon with my reflections on the year's sewing, and my goals for next year. 

Over and out! x


  1. You have such fun names for everything you've made -and cute shoes too! Great sewing this year - hope 2015 is good to you too!

    1. Thank you, Gillian. I've had a great year and am definitely ready for all that 2015 has to offer. All the best for the New Year, too!