Signed, sealed, delivered... Here's Stevie!

The Stevie dress (Butterick B4443) photobombed by the cat

Here's my newest make, another Butterick B4443, this time with the higher neckline and no sleeves. Spoiler: I love it. Another spoiler: not great blog photos today. Apologies. Added to this Blogger seems to be making the colours look different (even though I've already turned off auto-enhance). Who knows why. Hopefully you can still see the dress and all of it's wonders?!

The fabric is from A-One on Goldhawk Road (I think. Goldhawk Road shopping days end up being quite a blur in my memory). This was part of my birthday money splurge on fabric. I loved this when I saw it on the bolt, but every time I have looked at it at home I've grown increasingly unsure it was a good choice. I love the magenta colour, I'm just not sure about bright pink and black together. I kinda wish the stamps were navy. 

Even as I made the dress up I wasn't sure whether I was going to love it. But once I got the zip in and tried it on, I was giddy with glee. I do love it! Hooray! I'm very glad I pushed through and just made it.

This being my second Butterick 4443, it was quite a quick sew. Quick for me that is. I'm not a super speedy sewer. This took me 3 evenings in all, so by my standards that's a quick sew!

I just adore the shape. This time I shortened the skirt to the petite line on the pattern. I'm not petite, I just wanted the skirt a bit shorter than my first incarnation of B4443. I find a shorter dress much more wearable in the daytime with tights and flats. 

I didn't do any proper pattern matching, but I did make sure the stamps "lined up" across all of the bodice pieces (a line of stamps runs all the way around the bodice), and that the pattern was centred nicely.

I lined the bodice mostly with fine black cotton which I had off cuts of from years ago. I didn't quite have enough so I self-lined the bodice back centre pieces, and I don't hate it. I quite like it actually. I didn't line the skirt, although I am now wishing I had as the fabric clings to my tights a bit. I can live with it! 

Unzipped shot (cheeky)
The guts
I can tell you for sure that this dress will get worn a lot. And it's not too summery for the current cold snap we are having like my Rock Around the Clock dress is (this has not stopped me wearing it, it's my current favourite piece of clothing).

This very odd shot is only included because for some reason my waist looks super tiny. If I'm being picky (of course I am) there seems to be a neckline wrinkling issue. In real life it is very slight so I ain't gonna be adjusting that.  
Next I'm making either a flamingo dress or a peacock dress. I find it rather funny that I'm drawn to bird print stuff, since I have a pretty serious bird phobia. Well, they're nice to look at. As long as they don't flap at me I'm fine! Anyway, happy sewing everyone, and thanks for visiting!


  1. I love it! I'm sure it will be a huge asset to your wardrobe.

    And I definitely want to hear more about the flamingos and peacocks!

  2. Thank you! Hehe I think it will be flamingos next. Don't worry, I'll share as soon as it's done! Got to love a bird print.

  3. Your dress is gorgeous! I love the print on the fabric (and your photo bombing cat!).

    1. Haha she loves the attention! Thank you!

  4. I love the fabric and this colour really suite you. I'm heading to London soon for a holiday and from what I've read on the blogosphere Goldhawk Road is definitely a place to head for for fabric - are there any particular shops you can recommend or are there lots?

    1. Hi Betty. Thank you! Yes, there are loads!! The whole street is fabric shops. It is a dressmaker's heaven. I do like Classic Textiles (they do also have a downstairs, stairs at the back that are slightly hidden), and A-One textiles, which is big and has a really good variety. That's always my first stop and is right near the station. Have fun on your visit to London!

  5. Thanks Ree. I can't wait, I think I'm going to need a suitcase just to bring home my fabric stash!