Pyjama Time

These were supposed to be for my finances birthday, but my beloved old machine decided to break, ruining the surprise PJ bottoms and my sewing plans. I took the machine to the sewing repair shop on Deptford high street (I would recommend this shop to anyone, they were excellent and very reasonable) but alas, it was unrevivable. It was a vintage New Home. It used to be my mum's, it's the machine our childhood clothes and dance costumes were made on, and the machine I learned to sew on. I was a little bit emotionally attached to it and really sad it couldn't be fixed. The belt had gone and the parts they needed to fix it just couldn't be gotten hold of. That's the problem with using vintage machines I guess.

They did give me something for parts in part exchange for a new machine. I was SO sad about my old one going, but mega excited to get a new machine. Here she is!

My budget was relatively small, and I didn't really want a computerised machine (I'm old fashioned I suppose). After trawling reviews and trying this lovely Janome 525s out, I was sold. I love it. It's fantastic and does everything I need it to, plus it's great value for money.

Liam's PJs were the first thing I sewed on it, and it did a grand job. These are out of the Great British sewing bee book, and this time there was NO sizing information - just S, M, L. Very frustrating. I measured the pattern pieces at the waistline, deducted seam allowance and chose a size based on that (these are a small). It was pretty accurate and fit really well, but it would've been easier if the book had included the measurements.

Extreme close-up of fabric
I got this fabric from a lovely little shop on Goldhawk Road. I forget which one but the staff were so so lovely. It was only £3.50 a metre! Wowee! I only really used one metre so I've enough to make myself a pair of pjs from the rest. I know, I know, his & hers pjs - not very chic - to be honest I don't really care! 

It's quite a heavy 100% cotton. I didn't prewash it (naughty) but the PJs haven't shrunk when washed. Phew!

I've read on a few other blogs that people had trouble with this pattern and that there are some problems/mistakes in it. The only part I had trouble with was the waist of the front and back did not match up. I had to lop a big chunk off the top of the back before attaching the waistband. But this quick fix did work, so I'm definitely going to make some more pjs from this pattern (Liam even requested some more! Win!). I'm even thinking stretchy yoga pants for me in this pattern? Perfect shape. We'll see.

These PJs were so so quick to sew up. I overlocked all the edges inside, although french seams would probably have been better. For the tie tape I singed both ends with a match to stop it fraying, then doubled it back and sewed it down. I did try one of those little squares-with-a-cross-inside things on a test piece, but it was so wonky that I quickly abandoned the idea. And actually I think the simple way is more appropriate anyway. 

The holes for the tie tape to go through were made using the awesome 1-step button hole feature on my new machine. They turned out really great!

They've been worn and washed umpteen times already and they still look as good as the day I made them. it always makes me smile when I see him wearing them! 

Unselfish sewing is actually really fun! I've promised to attempt a shirt for him... Anyone know of a good, modern, fitted men's shirt pattern? 

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