I want to be a wardrobe architect, too!

I've been thinking lots about my wardrobe, and trying to streamline it, to fill it with amazing pieces that are so "me" in both style and function, and that I will love to wear. I want to open my wardrobe and look at styles, shapes, colours and ultimately outfits that I adore and feel good in. I get so frustrated with myself when I get into a "I've nothing to wear" sulk when I'm surrounded by clothes. Have you ever tried on three outfits on a morning before plumping for the one you "always" wear? It happens to me all the time.

That's why I love making my own clothes. I can craft myself the perfect wardrobe! For weeks I've been making myself scribbled notes about the pieces I need to make to fill the gaps or replace RTW pieces that don't quite work. And then on Sunday I stumbled across the Wardrobe Architect series on Coletterie. What amazing timing!

I love that there are tasks to do! Sarai has managed to make an almost overwhelming task really logical and pain-free. Thank you so much!

Consequently I spent a large chunk of time on Pinterest. I've skipped a few exercises (naughty) and have created "Colour" boards and "Silhouette" boards on Pinterest. These are the colours I came up with for Autumn Winter.

I've just seen this week's task to organise your colours. Here are mine.


Nearly neutrals:

Statement colours:

How interesting that I wear that bright blue as a "nearly neutral", but all my reds and pinks are "statement colours". Plus I really didn't think I had that many neutrals!

These aren't all perfect. I found it quite hard to create the exact right "dusky pink", for example. The images I've pinned are slightly more accurate, but I wanted a pretty, coherent and organised palette. Sue me!

I'll keep you updated on my progress as a 'wardrobe architect'! 

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