Me Made May 2019

I'm in! 

I, Marie of Ree-Sewn, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 2019. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made garement per day during May 2019.

The last time I took part in Me Made May was 2016, when I pledged to wear 25 me-mades over the month of May. This is the first time I have pledged to wear me-mades every single day for the whole month. It's definiely a challenge but I'm up for it!

Reasons I am excited about the challenge:

  •  I really feel the need for a wardrobe shake up. I am sick of reaching for the same tired things! I think it will do me good (and encourage me wear the clothes I love) to think a bit more concsiously about what I choose to wear each day.
  • My me-mades need more love! 
  • I'd love to get more creative with the styling of my clothes.
  • It always reinvigorates my desire to sew the clothes I have been planning to
  • It will motivate me to refashion the lovely things in the rather large pile that has been languishing for months, waiting for attention.
  • Money is tight at the moment so I just can't buy much in the way of clothing or even fabric. So I'd really like to use the clothes I DO have to their full potential.
  • Sewing time is also precious and finite. I need to make sure I'm using my sewing time wisely for maximum wardrobe gains. I'm all for sewing the most useful clothes for everyday life. These days I'm all about the cake and less about the icing (frosting).

Reasons it will be challenging for me:

  • I don't have millions of me-mades. A few more than I did in 2016, granted, but I've also retired a fair few dresses when I finally accepted that my bust size was not going to magically decrease again. My post-baby bust does not fit in some of my earlier makes. Hence the big refashioning pile...
  • I don't have much time to faff about with outfits and styling (I usually have a toddler clinging to my leg at getting-dressed time). My defence against this is to be VERY organised and have everything laid out ready. Let's see how that goes....
  • I do like to photograph my Me Made May outfits, it really helps me analyse my wardrobe and styling. BUT it is going to be more difficult to find the time to snap a picture each day, which will have to be on self timer mode on my phone! I would do mirror selfies, but we actually don't currently have a full length mirror! I know! However do I manage. 

I can't wait to get going. We'll see how the photographing goes, but at the moment I'm intending to do a daily outfit post on Instagram (hey - follow me! @ree_sewn), and a weekly round up here on the blog.

If you're new to Me Made May, have a look at Zoe's blog post all about it. Thank you so much Zoe for starting such a fab movement with Me Made May!

I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone's Me Made May and hearing about their experiences. It always fills me with inspiration!

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