Making my Wedding Dress: Reflections and Useful Resources

I know you've all probably heard enough of me jabbering on about making my wedding dress by now, but it is my biggest, most challenging, proudest make to date, and I just have a lot to say about it.


Making my wedding dress was much more emotional than I thought it would be. I became so invested in it, that when it began to take shape I was very emotional. It also helped me feel closer to my mum while I was sewing it. She died 8 years ago, and was a wonderful seamstress. I couldn't help but imagine us making it together if she were still with us.

I put in so many hours I almost can't quite work out how I fitted them in.

I grew to appreciate - and even enjoy! - slow sewing. I'm not super fast at the best of times, but I must say I really enjoyed a long, involved project where I took my time.

I really enjoyed learning a little bit about couture techniques.

It has given me a huge sewing confidence boost! I'm so proud of what I've achieved with this dress.

I love learning new things.

Enjoying slow sewing: pile of thread-traced corselet pieces


Couture Techniques by Claire B Shaeffer
Threads Party Dresses magazine

Here are a few links I've found useful when making my dress:

Edelwiess Patterns - Petticoat tutorial
This is the tutorial I used to make my petticoat, only I doubled up on the bottom two layers.

Stitch 'n' Smile - Waist stay tutorial
This wasn't the method I used but is another great alternative

Frabjous Couture  - Bound Slit tutorial
Almost the same as the method I used

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  1. What a wonderful series of posts - thanks for sharing. It's been great to follow your journey creating such a special garment. You obviously learnt so much from the experience and what a labour of love - and worth every minute.

    1. Thanks, Coo! I'm glad you've enjoyed reading about it. It sure was a huge learning curve! and yes, absolutely worth it. Xxx