Making my Wedding Dress Part 6: Repairs

I tore my wedding dress. It was late on in the evening, well into the reception. I just reached across a table for my drink, felt my dress catch on my niece's pushchair handle and heard a sickening rrrrrrrip.

My heart sank. The rational part of me sad "Oh, well, you've worn it all day, and it can't be helped now." but the irrational part of me wailed "My dress! How could I have ripped it?!"

I quickly put it out of my mind and got on with celebrating, but after returning from our honeymoon, I decided to try and fix the rip before taking my dress to be cleaned.

I actually found a few other little holes while I was at it, and repaired those too! I cut around appropriate lace motifs from offcuts and appliqued them over the holes by hand. I'm so pleased with the result!

The main rip, centre front of skirt
Lace motif pinned on, ready to applique 

All fixed. The repaired part is in the centre. It does break up the regular spacing of the lace motif, but otherwise I don't think you'd notice it

Another little hole I found. I sewed a little lace flower over this one.

Little hole along hairline sleeve head seam repaired with appliqué lace flower.

The lesson shall be: don't despair if you tear some lace. Try and mend it!

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