A Quilt for Our Baby

The first thing I have made for our baby is this triangle quilt. I wanted to include lots of colours, and was pretty set on using solid colours. As a print lover, it came as a bit of a surprise, even to me, that I was so drawn to making a solids only quilt!

Baby's first quilt
In the end, I found a quilt on Pinterest that I loved so much that I completely copied the colour scheme. I went for an equilateral triangle quilt this time, and since I had purchased skinny quarters of all of my fabrics, let the length of each piece dictate the size of my triangles. I cut each piece in half and cut my triangles from those strips using this method, so these triangles are 12.5cm tall. If I were making another equilateral triangle quilt I would definitely make my triangles bigger than this, just to reduce cutting and sewing time! I'm a lazy quilter!

I went for a layout with no particular pattern or order, but just made sure I was happy with the overall balance and that no colour was immediately next to itself. I'm so so happy with the finished design, it's exactly what I had in mind.

The quilt is 45" square, which I thought might be a useful size as a playmat, receiving blanket or pram blanket.  Once baby is here I can report back on how useful it actually is!

I deferred to Liam again when I couldn't decide on a backing colour, he loved the maroon colour so I went with that. Unfortunately I was a bit stingy with my order and didn't have quite enough, so I had to break it up with two rows of triangles. I like this design, the only thing that bugs me slightly is that the seams don't match up with the quilting. I kind of knew this would happen, but I also knew that I couldn't bring myself to care enough to line it all up exactly! Sometimes close enough is good enough for me.

Anyway it's certainly nice to look at, so I'm already calling it a success. It was pleasure to sew, which I did in short bursts, and to watch it come together was so satisfying. I've grown to love this quilting lark! 

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  1. That's just perfect, I love the colours you used!

  2. This is gorgeous! I love the colours you've used.

    1. Thanks Lynne. Wish I could take credit for putting these colours together, but I did unashamedly copy the colour scheme from a quilt on Pinterest!