Projects in the pipeline & birthday fabrics!

Hello! I've got a few projects in my head that I'm really excited about, so I thought I'd share my plans. These are a mixture of using up the stash and new fabrics. We are really trying to save for a deposit for a house at the moment. Well, I say at the moment, but it will be for a good few years realistically. So I am trying to be restrained when buying supplies for my sewing hobby! It is difficult. But hey ho, worth it!

Because of this proverbial tightening of the belt, I was extra thrilled when my best friend gave me fabric for my birthday! I've never been gifted fabric before and I was super happy. Here are my birthday fabrics:

A stack of lovely fabric

This is my favourite. I've seen it around quite a bit, and I know it's slightly OTT for some but not for me! I love it. Can't wait to make a measuring tape dress!!

This one reminds me of a costume I wore in our final show at drama school (I was in the show with my best friend who bought me this fabric) so I know it's going to be extra sentimental! Perhaps it will be a shirt dress?

I feel like this one, too, might want to be a shirt dress when it grows up. It's slightly stiffer than the others so I also think a nice full skirt would hold it's shape well. 

From some of my family I also got some birthday money, which I immediately spent on a couple of things I absolutely LOVE. Firstly, Hell Bunny Paloma cardigans in pale blue and mint green. I was only going to buy one, but people, the pastel coloured ones are getting a bit scarce, only one pale blue one left in my size!!!! Anywhere on the Internet! Shock, horror, gasp, clutching of heart. And I adore these cardigans, I wear the four I've already got pretty much constantly. So I'm excited to add these two to my wardrobe!

I also bought some fabric. I saw on Twitter that Weaver Dee had got this gorgeous yellow floral spray print in, and it just stayed in my head. I don't know why. I've a hankering to make it into another Flora dress. It was cheap as chips, with, er, quality to match the price, but the print makes up for it!! It's so pretty! I love yellow but don't have many yellow clothes. 

Then I was just, you know, browsing Minerva to make sure they didn't have a better yellow floral fabric, when I saw this. Stop the bus. They had Liberty carline poplin in the bright pink colourway for £9.99 a metre (and its 60" wide). Oh my word I tried to resist, I really did, but I could not. No regrets. It needs to be something fabulously feminine and romantic. I may just have to make an Anna like Roisin did! Her dress rocks. 

So. Those are my new fabrics. On to my stash plans....
Top row L-R: Navy polka dot fine cotton twill for a shirt dress, striped interlock for a Coco sweater, leftover stretch tulip print cotton for some capri pants

Middle row L-R: leftover floral viscose for a tee-shirt, tartan for a mini skirt and a dress (I actually just finished the dress over Easter weekend! Woohoo!), my WIP which I need need need to finish soon as it has been unfinished for over a year - my Liberty silk dressing gown

Bottom row L-R: Black drapey viscose for an Anna dress, leftover striped stretch cotton for a mini skirt, more of that Liberty silk for some PJs.

Things I need fabric for:
A few more Lady Skaters 
Another Coco top 

Wow. Them's a lot of plans. This should keep me busy for the rest of the year! I'm not saying I won't buy any new fabric (in Autumn 2016 I really want to make a coat, for instance) but I am going to try and make everything off this list first, and remember that I have such a lot I can make without buying more stuff!

I will keep you posted on how I get on! I hope you all had a lovely Easter x


  1. Oooh those new fabrics are so yummy! LOVE the hearts and the carline...obvs. You have a very pretty summer ahead of you! x

    1. Thanks Zoe! I must admit I really look forward to sewing for summer! xx

  2. I *love* the sound of a musical note shirt dress. You definitely need to make that happen.

    1. Ah, thanks Jo! I will make it happen, just not sure when!!! I seem to have no time to sew at the moment! I'm missing it! x