Goodbye 2015, hello 2016!

Last year I set myself some sewing goals, so this seemed like the time to have another look at them and see whether I achieved them. Here we go!

My goals for 2015 were:

1. Restrict the lists! 
I did way better at this! I didn't write crazy long sewing lists this year. Although, even though I haven't been writing them down, lists do still happen in my head. It's just part of my personality. But I have been trying to be a bit freer, and make what I feel like making, remembering that this sewing thing is for fun, you know, it's not just a big list of things to do! It's about the process, which is one of the reasons I love it. So YES, I have done better with this goal, but I have to say, a good list is sometimes very helpful!

2. Make an awesome wedding dress! 
Big old tick! I am, as you know, over the moon with how well my wedding dress turned out. 

Photograph by Hannah Mia Photography
3. Sew some knits.
Well, I made one, does that count?! I made a Coco top, right at the beginning of this year, which I've never blogged about. It turned out well and I've worn it a lot, it just didn't seem to warrant a post of it's own. I'm actually making a knit garment at the moment. It's a Lady Skater, all cut out just waiting to be sewed up. Hopefully I'll be able to blog that soon! Anyway, here's the Coco top.

Tilly & the Buttons Coco top I made this year but never blogged (and apparently didn't iron either)
4. Make a big quilt for our home.
Ah, nearly!!! It's so nearly done! The quilt top is done, the back (which is patchwork as well) is almost done, the binding is done (I made my own scrappy binding - are you proud?) it just needs to be all put together and quilted! I so wish I could tick this one but technically it's not finished yet. 

Scrappy blocks being made for my quilt
5. Use my stash. 
Yeah, this one was mostly a success, and I think I put in a pretty valiant effort on the stash busting front. I used loads of scraps (see above: scrappy quilt!), but of course I am also constantly making more! DAMN YOU, SCRAPS! Also up until the end of the year when I caved a little bit, I didn't really buy any new patterns and I didn't really buy any new lengths of fabric (maybe a couple...) and I made a big effort to use what I have. There's still more, though!

I decided to set myself some goals for 2016, too, and 5 seems like a good number, so I'm setting 5.

My Sewing Goals for 2016

1. Make my perfect coat. 
It appears that this season my perfect coat isn't in style, as it's nowhere to be found in any of the shops. So I'm excited about making my own at some point in 2016. 

2. Perfect the fit of my TNT dress patterns and make lots of versions of them.
Because I love all of my home-sewn dresses, and one can never have enough lovely dresses in my humble opinion.

3. Make more separates.
I'm thinking, cropped trousers (Clovers perhaps?), shorts for the summer, tee shirts, cardigans. All those things I keep saying that I'm going to make and never do because I get distracted by a dress pattern instead. THOSE. It's time to actually make them this year.

4. Restrict my internet time!
I have got into the habit, without really meaning to, of spending lots of time on the internet looking at ideas and inspiration for sewing projects, when I already have plenty of ideas and inspiration for sewing projects! I think I just get distracted and end up looking at lovely dresses that people have made, which, don't get me wrong, I LOVE, so I'm not going to stop reading sewing blogs (don't be ridiculous) or going on Pinterest (hahaha), but I do need to beware of spending time I could be using to create something myself, looking at other's creations instead. Does that make any sense? I'm thinking that sewing little and often is better for me than using an hour's down time at home to read blogs, not get round to making anything of my own but then blocking out a whole day to sew. Spending a whole day sewing to the exclusion of all else is not really healthy for me, either, so I need to strike a balance! 

Pinterest is great but it's a time sap!
5. Keep using up the stash! 
Use it or lose it, as they say!

I know my pattern stash isn't huge, but there are still lots in there that I've never used! Must rectify!
Well, everyone, thank you for reading my little blog this year. It's been great to get to know some of you over the internet! All the best for 2016! 

Ree xxxx


  1. Ooh I love reading everyones resewlutions! I'm just trying to decide on mine for the year, I think I mainly need to work on using up my stash before spending more and all the pretties! Congrats on the wedding dress again...isn't it so nice to know that will always be the best make ever?! Happy New Year Zxx

    1. Happy New Year, Zoe! I love reading everyone's resewlutions too! Thank you. Yes it feels so good that the wedding dress will always be the best make ever! Nothing else will ever come close. Hope 2016 is an excellent year for you! Ree xxx

  2. My lists for last year and this year were/are pretty similar to yours (except for the wedding dress- beautiful!) I did quite a few knits this year. I made a lady skater and another similar one and hope to make a couple more this year - looking forward to seeing yours. I've picked out a coat pattern and have fabric and lining, so no excuses now! Happy new year ;o)

    1. Happy New Year! Good luck with your goals. Oooh can't wait to see your coat!

  3. Wow I love your wedding dress it's stunning! It's definitely my ambition to make my own when I get married, I don't think I would feel right wearing something shop bought! Good luck with your re-sew-lutions! Rosa x

    1. Thank you Rosa! I would definitely say that making my wedding dress was the most fulfilling item I've ever made, and I actually really enjoyed making it. It did take a long time but was totally worth it! So when the time comes just give yourself lots of time!! xxx

  4. Happy New Year Ree! You did so well with your 2015 goals. It's fun reading everyone's reflections and goals. I can't wait to see your coat - that's on my dream list, not sure if it's quite ready to go on the reality list just yet :)

    1. Happy New Year, Coo! Hope 2016 is being good to you so far! I love reading everyone's goals too. With the coat - I am definitely going to be jumping in before I'm really ready! I've never made anything like a coat before, and I actually wasn't planning to make one, but I could not for the life of me find a coat I liked in the shops. So I think my hand has been forced! I will let you know how I get on!! xx